YCN Student Award 2013: Fegroni Project

Client: YCN Student Project Brief
Year: 2013
︎ YCN Student Award Winning Project ︎

For the YCN Student Awards 12/13 I entered the brief set by luxury Italian paper merchants 'Fedrigoni'. The brief was to 'inspire printers across the UK to work with the wide variety of Fedrigoni papers on offer' I had to make the sure the campaign was 'fun, memorable, tongue in cheek, and maybe even makes them laugh'.

Through my research I discovered Fedrigoni's most unique aspect was its Italian heritage in Verona, which is most famous as the location of 'Romeo & Juliet'. I retold Shakespeare's the love story through a set of postcards listing key quotations edited to re-tell situations printers find themselves in, which hopefully they would find amusing! The cards replicate print finishes with paper, including lamination, foil blocking, embossing, die-cutting and spot varnishing to show what the paper is capable of.