Transport for London: Traffic Accident Interactive DataViz

Client: HABITAT III, The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development
Year: 2016
Design/Art Direction by: Calum Hale
Web/UI Development by: Lucia Kocincova

︎ Explore the interactive web app here:
This interactive visualisation aims to display traffic accident information as kept by Transport for London for the year 2015. The traffic incidents are plotted geographically on the map, colour coded by severity, and there are some interactive summary statistics in the left panel.

Interactive elements highlight on hover, and can be clicked to filter the selection. The supplementary information is broken down by vehicle type, by the age-range of the people involved in the incidents and also by the London borough in which the incident occurred.

This project was created as part of a submission for the 'Habitat III' conference's "call for submissions" as part of '' Lucia and I also got the chance to talk about our project at the second 'DataViz London' Meetup on 05 October 2016.

Landing pageHome page with a left filter panel and a right panel introducing the site

Specific incident selected, with extra information in the right panelSelecting a node shows the details of the incident

specific vehicle type (car) filteredThe user can filter by vehicle, in this case showing on incidents involving cars

Specific age range (25–34) filteredFiltering by age-range

Specific London borough filteredFiltering by London borough

All incident severities selectedShowing all incident severity types (’slight’ injuries aren’t displayed by default)

Call for submissionThe home page of the Habitat III ‘Visualizing Cities’ call for submission page

Speaking at DataViz London, October 2016Luciya and I presenting our work at DataVis London Meetup