Sierra Leone Education Data Hub

Client: Sierra Leone Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI)
Year: 2019–2020
Designer: Calum Hale
Data Engineer: Isabel Beard
Developer: Richard Pullinger
Art Director: Kate Ashton
Creative Direction: Duncan Swain

︎ Interactive Data Hub
The Sierra Leone government came to us with the challenge to create a data explorer for all of the education data they had. This could then be used by ministers to check the performance of schools, and also by citizens to see how the schools their children go to are doing.

We created an online tool that let the user see the school results from a country-wide view down to the district level. This tool allowed schools to be compared against measures of performance as defined by the government, with some of these measures also being able to be plotted geographically.

My contribution
I worked with the team to define the user experience and information architecture before creating the wireframes. As new data came in we had to update and adapt the wireframes. I then created the look & feel for the visual design of the UI, iterating and collaborating with the Design Director, Kate, who worked on the overall DSTI branding in parallel.

Visual Design

App Styleguide for Dev

UX Design