Fast Moving Consumer Goods: Brand Portfolio Tool

Designed at QuantumBlack
Year: 2014
UX Designer: Matt Miller
Visual Designer: Calum Hale
Creative Direction: Yves Boussemart
All data anonymised

Design © QuantumBlack Visual Analytics Ltd.
A leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company need to be able to track its portfolio of products against sales and market share, while also predicting what would happen in the future if they released new products into the market.

We designed and built an app that allowed a brand manager to see how their products were performing across world markets. The app included a scenario tool where the user could change metrics such as ‘advertising spend’ and see the predicted impact, driven by data science, on its future sales.

My Contribution
Working under the Creative Director, I documented detailed user journeys to ensure the user didn’t get lost in the portfolio. Then working alongside senior visual designers, I helped create the look and feel for the app. I also oversaw the build of the application working with our development team.
Visual Design

Worldwide overview

Viewing the performance of a particular brand category

Viewing the sales value vs. target over time for a particular brand

An interaction map showing how sales shift between brands over time, including new brand launches

Waterfall chart showing the gross margin for a specific brand
Tree map showing market share for a product category

Charts showing sales value increase/decrease compared to total sales

Visual Design Reference for Dev

High-fidelity wireframes for key pages

Aesthetic moodboards

Moodboards for dark, light and dark+light UI aesthetics