Bill Gates’ Presentation at the Global Fund, 2019

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Design & Illustration: Calum Hale
Art Direction & Illustration: Kate Ashton
Motion Graphics: Sam Burton
Data Engineer & geospatial plotting: Scott Reilly
Creative Director: Duncan Swain

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︎ Read the transcript on the GatesNotes blog
Speaking for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at ‘The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’ replenishment conference, Bill Gates needed to tell the story of how the Fund’s investment has improved healthcare around the world.

We worked with the speech writer at the Foundation to identify the key story points that needed visualising. We then storyboarded the presentation alongside the script, before designing the information graphics themselves. These were then turned into animations for the final presentation.

My contribution
I designed the data visualisation devices and worked with an animator to translate these into motion graphics. As part of the team I helped conceptualise different device types, before executing the final solutions in Adobe Illustrator.

Bill Gates speaking at the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment Conference

Data visualization showing the decrease in Malaria deaths vs the increase in bed nets distributed from 2000–2019

Beeswarm chart showing the rate of HIV deaths decreasing as Development Assistance for Health spending on HIV increased, from 2000–2017

Map showing the Malaria incidence rate for Zambia in 2017

Illustrations showing the innovations in preventing malaria, TB and HIV